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NATIONAL WINS (funding for the next few months)

The Child Care and Development Grand (CCDBG) received an increase of $95 million, bringing total discretionary funding to $2.865 billion.  This was a bigger increase than what was in either the original House and Senate bills.

Head Start received an increase of $85 million.

$5 million in additional funding for Early Head Start-Child Care Partnerships.

Special Education Preschool Grants (Part B of IDEA) funding remained the same.

Preschool Development Grants funding remained the same.

The Grants for Infants and Families program (Part C of the IDEA) received a slight decrease in funding.



Although the 2017 legislative session is over, there is still much work to be done:

  • secure additional funds for public preschool expansion
  • ensure safe and quality childcare for all families
  • expansion and funding for early intervention services
  • Paid Family & Sick Leave
  • improve the quality of state data on the status of Hawaiʻi's children

We work year-round with our partners to ensure the health and safety of Hawaiʻi's children.  

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