Who's For Kids in 2020?

This year, HCAN Speaks! chose nine state house and senate candidates to endorse. Because we’ve chosen such a select group of candidates, our endorsement carries a lot of weight. We’re prepared to mobilize all of our efforts to help these candidates win their seats — and we hope you will join us. Similarly, should the candidates be elected, we’re prepared to hold each of them accountable to the answers they gave us.

Announcement video


Take action!

Whether or not you live in their districts, you can help ensure that these champions for children are elected. Here are three simple ways you can get involved.


Check out our latest events to volunteer for these candidates. They will need all the help they can get — especially now that campaigning is more limited due to COVID-19.

Tell your friends and family

If you have friends and family members in any of these districts, let them know about our endorsement, and tell them why it’s important to have elected officials who will fight for our children and families. Make sure they know that this year, Hawaiʻi is voting by mail! General election ballots must be received (not postmarked) by November 3 at 7 pm.

Mahalo for joining our virtual pau hana!

HCAN Speaks! had a virtual pau hana with these candidates on Thursday, July 16. Attendees got to know each candidate, their policy priorities, and how they plan to make a better Hawaiʻi for our keiki.

Learn more about the candidates

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