Advocacy Trainings

We provide advocacy training sessions for small and large groups.  See the details below.  If you're interested in scheduling a training or if you want more information, call Kory at 808-800-1432

Advocacy 101

This two hour session will cover the basics about how a bill becomes a law; the legal rights and boundaries for organizations to advocate; how to navigate the legislative timeline; and how to turn an idea into a drafted bill.

Advocacy 201

In this four-hour training, we'll teach you how to make a strategic plan to pass a good bill or defeat a bad one; the in, outs, and elements of a campaign plan; how to write and put to use a good press release; how to hold a successful meeting with a legislator; and how to organize your audience to help you out.

We’ll also help you understand what happens behind the scenes inside Capitols — the dynamics that are not taught in textbooks.

At this interactive training we’ll practice many of these skills in order to learn them.  By the end of it, you’ll have a keen sense for how to win an advocacy effort.


Rates for these trainings vary depending upon the location, participants, and group size.  For more information on pricing , please call Kory Payne at 808-800-1432